Business Policy
We check availability for the items and confirm you immediately after
receive your order. Each item, we can sale to the first person orders us.

We do not accept your cancelation and change your order
with any reason after you get the invoice from us.
Our e-mail account has trouble some as may your e-mail does not
reach us the cases were reported from our customers. If you do not
hear from us within 48 hours, please resend us your message again
in case. We definitely send you back e-mails within 48 hours.

Payment Condition
Please note that payment must be funding to our PayPal account within 3days
from the invoice date. Paypal fee will be added to your invoice amount.
For example, Order amount USD88.00 +4.4% paypal fee
=USD91.87 +Shipping chg. will be for your total.
Please send us for your payment with the currency we ask you. The currency
condition is showing with the order no. that is the price we sale you.
You will have USD invoice. >>> We accept the payment only USD.
Consumption tax will be charged for orders delivered within Japan.

Payment Planning
We accept to sale our items with the payment planning in 2months.
If you want the planning to purchase, please let us know your full
payment schedule within 2months when you make us order.
For example, the case of you order us the item price USD330.00 on
15th Jul. with planning, let us know your schedule like this please.
*1 of 3: $100.00 in 3days. *2 of 3: $122.26 on 15th Aug.
*3 of 3: $122.26 +shipping chg. on
15th Sep. ($344.56= $330.00 x1.044)
Please note that you should send us at least US$100.00
within 3days even you do order us with payment planning.

We do'nt accept the planning purchasing amount less than $100.

UPS /Yamato International TA-Q-BIN (charge by size)
*Insurance included 200,000yen. /upper limit
(can not be sent total value over 200,000 yen.)
Up to 60cm Up to 80cm Up to 100cm Up to 120cm
Zone 1; Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc
US$22.79 US$36.96 US$67.82 US$114.31
Zone 2; USA, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, etc
US$30.00 US$49.53 US$92.59 US$156.22
Zone 3; UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Argentina, etc
US$34.60 US$56.39 US$105.92 US$170.70
Zone 4; Russia, Areas other than the above
US$66.30 US$149.74 US$255.67 US$352.45
Your package ships by UPS or EMS after we receive your payment,
transaction and also let you know that tracking!!

EMS /Japan Post (charge by Weight)
*Insurance included "20,000yen".
An additional insurance charges US$0.50 for every 20,000yen.
500g 600g 700g 800g 900g 1Kg 1.25Kg 1.5Kg
Zone 1; China, Taiwan, Korea
$14.36 $15.66 $16.97 $18.27 $19.58 $20.88 $23.49 $26.10
Zone 2; Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc (Asia excluding China, Taiwan, Korea)
$18.27 $20.45 $22.62 $24.80 $26.97 $29.15 $32.19 $35.24
Zone 3; Europe, Canada, Mexico, Oceania, Middle East
$29.15 $31.32 $33.50 $35.67 $37.85 $40.02 $45.24 $50.03
Zone 4; USA (including overseas territories such as Guam)
$35.67 $38.11 $40.54 $42.98 $45.41 $47.85 $53.85 $59.16
Zone 5; Africa, Latin America (excluding Mexico)
$33.06 $35.67 $38.28 $40.89 $43.50 $46.11 $52.64 $59.1

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If you have any questions, feel free and let us know. ^_^
Don't forget to write Your full name please! Inquiries not mentioned will be ignored.

How to Order
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1. Your Order No. & Price ( exp; NRS123456 - USD110.00 )
2. Your Full Name, Shipping Address with Phone No.
Without those info. be completed, We can not accept your order.

Thank you for your co-operation!