shielder54888 Unpaid
Unfortunately, your deputy service were unpaid against their
auction winning from us. So the reason we should put them in
our black list. It is a violation of Yahoo Auction's rules to make
a successful bid and not pay. Thank you for your understanding.

As this result, the following IDs will not be able to bid
on our auctions, so we will inform you to think enhance
the business with you. Please choose other service who
can have responsibility to the business rule and manner.
Thank you for your understanding.

BL listed " FUNBID " 20 service users

shielder54888 mooncancer54888
beast54888 manaprism54888
kobbbuy rareprism54888
yrgfs40564 heavy54088
ethan_1738 battlesymphony
cancer_0336 hondaspeedya
lejardinhp minicoopercoo
onemilliongot richmanyoyoyo
senpai521 southsideya
vitaminbgood wasabi012345

18th Oct 2021 Animation art work sales Howdy_com